((I don’t have that button on my personal blog finally I have hte hatttt))

((I’m way too shaky and nervous to work on an update, have a rarity doodle \(unù”\) )) 

((I’m way too shaky and nervous to work on an update, have a rarity doodle \(unù”\) )) 

Little update about things (•ω•

((Hello! First off, I’m so sorry for my lack of activity, I kinda lost interest in making updates for this blog unu that’s something that happens often and I’m really sorry for it! (I lose interest in pretty much everything in no time if it’s too complex or takes too much time/effort, one of the reasons I created this blog was because I wanted to fix it but it’s not enough ;___;)
Second, I cleaned my asks! I saved only a few, I’m sorry but there were like 50 asks in my inbox and they did only slow me down unu
Third, I’m trying to work on an update right now! I don’t know how long it’ll take, but in the meantime I set up the story a little bit more, ending included, I just need to do the dialogues (the hardest part ugghhhhh) and draw all that poop. Also it will take longer because in these days my hands are shaking like a lot and that frustrates me and I end up deleting everything. unu
And last, thank you for sticking with me even if I’m a lazy poop! You the best! I hope you’ll like what I have in store for aNormal Twilight!))

Actually, depending on your type, snails are intersexual. Able to reproduce with each other, with both sides in the sexual contact becoming pregnant.


I’m confused, anon.

How's the life like in kangaroo land?

lemme see

It’s almost 1 o’ clock and it’s a good day in kangaroo land
I think.

YAYCAKE so let me take you to dinner i suppose we should take things slowly strike that reverse the last part and lets go what are you interested in im sure its not anything with salt so pizza hut is a no go still i should do something special for our first honeymoondate together do you like lettuce you are a pony and a snail which is good because that means you are half vegetarian twice here we are dont buy too much though im not made of money and also to keep your figure nice and tidy

hint hint